Wohnmobil ohne homologation

Frank6991 am 20 Jan 2019 13:55:11

I'm Frank, I'm from Italy and I'm gonna ask your help in english since my german knowledge is a bit limited.

My plan in the next few months is to purchase a van combi/people mover(like an Opel Vivaro), take the back seats out and stick inside a bed, wordrobe, sink, fridge, a small battery and maybe even a solar panel; but everything in a manner that is tightly fixed but not in a permanent way (movable) so that it can be taken apart in a few minutes, and without making any structural changes or drilling any hole in the frame.

I want to keep the original homologation, the M1/for transport of people since in Italy is really really hard and time consuming to change the homologation to "camper/wohnmobil".
My question is: when visiting a contry like Germany, Austria or even Switzerland do I get in trouble if the police stops me driving around in this configuration? (Even if I prove that everything I have in the back is temporary and I can easily put back the 9 seats when I go back home)
Is it already a crime to remove the additional rear 6 seats since on the "car documents" it's written that there are 9 seats in total?

For various other reason I'm not planning on buying a working van/kastenwagen or a van which is already camperized like a california.

Could you please give me a straight answer or some links of forums where this problem has already been discussed?

Another plan could be buying a van in Germany, getting all the paperwork right with the TUV and then bring it to Italy but that seems quite complicated and costly.

Thank you for your time.

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Harro am 20 Jan 2019 14:29:33

Hi Frank,

if you use a transporter, Vivaro etc, as a camper van you can do that in Germany without homologation. The inside equipment ist only load, which must be fixed for a save drive. The van stays to be a van, not a camping car. No problems with legal rights as far as I know. You are in the same state as transporting furnitures.

On the other hand there are many camper parkings in Germany and all around Europe reserved for camper vans. I don't know whether you can stay there legaly. If you don't have a toilet it will cause problems anyway. A few times in France I was controlled to have a toilet. I think, on a normal camping ground you will have no problems.

I hope this gives you an idea.

Best regards


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Hier findest Du vielleicht schon, was Du suchst: --->Link

Frank6991 am 20 Jan 2019 17:25:54

Thankyou very much for the answer.

Not being accepted in campings is not one of my major concerns.
But knowing that I can drive around with a few camping furnitures in the back without an homologation makes my day.

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Elgeba am 20 Jan 2019 18:30:45

There is no problem to be accepted on Campgrounds,nobody will ask you about details of your car.-



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